Advanced Call Manager Free

Advanced Call Manager Free

Take control of your incoming calls


  • Easy to configure
  • Runs in the background


  • Lacks of options


Advanced Call Manager Free lets you stop unwanted calls getting through to you - without having to 'red button' the caller.

Using the free version of Advanced Call Manager, you can instruct your phone to reject all calls, or only allow calls from numbers in your phone contacts. There's also an option for automatically rejecting calls from hidden numbers.

When Advanced Call Manager rejects a call, the person who is calling will hear the busy tone. This, therefore is a more polite way of telling them to go away than to just hit the red button to cancel the call and play the cut-off tone.

Advanced Call Manager is very effective at what it does, is easy to configure, and runs quietly in the background once activated. Lots of the more interesting features from the full version of Advanced Call Manager are unavailable in this free version (SMS replies, call diversion, caller black and white lists), and the functionality therefore feels very limited.

But if you're looking for a simple way to discreetly block unwanted calls, Advanced Call Manager Free does a decent job.

Bring back the joy of owning a phone!

The call manager that enables you to set lists of contacts, choose how to filter their calls, save profiles and schedule them. This is the free limited version of best-selling ACM. Advanced Call Manager handles your numerous phone calls just like you would but with more call blocking options (busy tone, SMS auto-reply, mute, divert calls). With ACM you can set lists of contacts, choose how to filter calls, save profiles and schedule them depending on the time or location. Advanced Call Manager Free is the limited version of the best-selling ACM. While you can view the full feature set of the original ACM, you will not be able to save and enable some of the settings. Is there a way to make owning a phone less intrusive while staying connected with others? No matter how advanced your phone is when you receive a call you have just two options – answer or hang up. The call manager gives you many more no matter it is only the free limited version of best-selling Advanced Call Manager.
Advanced Call Manager Free


Advanced Call Manager Free

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